Chippin' Away

In his Foote-steps!

June 01, 2021 Akash and Durga Season 2 Episode 5
Chippin' Away
In his Foote-steps!
Show Notes

On 30th May 1863, the Father of Indian Prehistory, Robert Bruce Foote discovered a handaxe (prehistoric tool) at Pallavaram in Tamil Nadu (India). This discovery put South Asia on the map for the conversations on prehistory and early human activity. 

Team Chippin' Away marks this day with Prof. Shanti Pappu who continues to work on the prehistory of South Asia and has dedicated years of study to uncover the little known facets of Robert Bruce Foote's life. 

Why exactly is Robert Bruce Foote considered the Father of Indian Prehistory? What is his legacy? Why are these conversations so important in today's day and age? 
Let's find out!! 

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